Welcome to Grazioso String Quartet


Grazioso String Quartet was formed in February of 2008 for the purpose of playing for weddings as well as for other events such as Christmas parties, Valentine events, and any other musical needs you may have.  The original group consisted of  Mike Burkepile and Jordan Musgrave playing Violin, Taylor Musgrave on Viola, and Jeremy Shih on Cello.  Other quartet members have been:  Jason Zheng, Tim Barrus, Dina Neglia, and Crosby Delaney Barrett alternating on Violin, with Cody Green, Adrian Cabungcal, Philip Whitney, and Romina Monsanto on Cello.  Several have graduated or moved, but we continue on with the addition of Mia Orosco and Sarah Godley on Violin.  The members of the Quartet will also work individually or as a duet or trio.  We can coordinate with a fantastic trumpet player if so desired, or connect you with a pianist, organist or soloists.  Just call for info regarding anything other than the quartet.


The name Grazioso implies “with grace” or “gracefully” which is what the group hopes to contribute to weddings and other events.



GSQ - Waco and central TX area

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